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Azavea hires people

People come with their own backgrounds, experiences, and skills. We endeavour to assess these in aggregate, rather than checking off a series of requirements and disqualifying people who do not check every box.

Everyone seeking employment with Azavea is considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. At Azavea, we value diversity and our philosophy of diversity extends to other categories beyond the ones recognized by the federal government. We encourage candidates who are marginalized and underrepresented to apply, and we are committed to supporting opportunities within and outside the Philadelphia region to grow the diversity of the tech industry. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome and respected throughout the interview process, and we hope you will let us know if there are ways we can improve this process

It is our policy to not require a certain number of years of experience or specific degrees (or any degree). While formal credentials and previous positions may be valuable, we are primarily looking for people who have gained real-world experience that can be successfully applied in the open role.

You can learn more about the role specific qualities we look for in our job descriptions, but no matter the position, we look for the following attributes in all future colleagues:

Personal Growth and Team Commitment

We seek colleagues who are committed to growth, developing their professional skills, and contributing to their team. We encourage people to seek new challenges and prioritize improving their performance over coasting along in the same old patterns. We also recognize that life happens, and we are focused on hiring people who will pull together when a member of their team needs some extra help.

Meet the Team

Terence is a Software Engineer on our Civic Apps development team. He tells us a little about himself, what makes Azavea unique, and what he looks for in candidates.

The “Habit of Success”

Some people expect to succeed, and because they expect success they often find opportunities to achieve it in unexpected ways. They leave both the people and places they worked with in the past better than they found them. We are not looking for an absence of failure; we are looking for people who don’t let failure deter them.

Core Values Alignment

At Azavea, our values determine how we run our business, impacting everything from the projects we choose to work on to our daily operations to our employee policies. We believe that if we hire great people who share our values, we can trust them to use their best judgment. No matter how talented someone is, we don’t want to hire them if they don’t share our values:

  • Ownership Mentality
  • Kind, Humble, and Respectful
  • Aim for Impact
  • Create More Value than You Capture
  • Default to Transparency
  • Focus on Learning & Growth
  • Resilient

You can find out what to expect from our hiring process here.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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