Philadelphia is an amazing confluence of wonderful attributes. It is affordable; it has one of the most affordable housing markets of any major city in the United States. It is walkable and bikeable, and has reasonably good public transit; you can live comfortably without a car. It is in the middle of the largest economies on the East Coast; it’s 75 minutes from New York City and two hours from DC and has a hub airport with direct flights to 95 U.S. and 35 international cities.

There are more than 100 universities in the region, generating both potential research partnerships and future colleagues. It’s big enough to be a diverse, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated city while also having the small town feel of intimate neighborhoods. It has countless restaurants of incredible quality and a rich culture and history. Its institutions are at the forefront of innovation in everything from green stormwater infrastructure to medicine.

Philadelphia is not without problems: it has high taxes, struggling schools, and high poverty, to name a few, but we take those flaws as challenges. Azavea is proud to count itself among the leading firms in our town.